Welcome to Elektro Trading

We would like to introduce our self as leading stockists, Importers and Specialist of Power Semiconductor Devices in India.

All big corporate groups, leading industries, factories, government, railways, small scale industry, OEMS, repairing and servicing people. Contact us regularly due to our best quality, lowest price, and ready stock available of electronic component and our fast service and co-operative nature.

so all the purchase officer and maintenance person always contact us and purchase from us the below products.


  • IGBT Modules
  • IPM Modules
  • SCR – SCR Block
  • Capsule Thyristor
  • Diode / Diode Module
  • SCR / Diode Module
  • Discrete IGBT
  • Fuse's & Fuse Base

Mosfet, Triac, Transitor, ODD IC’S, PG Grade Electrolytic Capacitor, Reed Switch, Thyristor, Ceramic Capacitor, Instruments, Electronic Valves, Relay, Solid Relay, IGBT Driver, Etc.

  • We keep the stock of following Brands: Fuji Electric, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Powerex, EUPEC, Siemens, Semikron, Powersem, West code, IOR, IXYS, Usha, Hirect, Ruttonsha, SPE, Analog Device, Burbrown, Motorola, ST, Intersil, Etc.
  • Our IGBT Modules of: 600 Volt and 1200 Volt are competitive in rate like BSM – MG – 2MBI – 1MBI – 6MBI – SKM – CM Series.
  • Our Transistor Modules are readily in stock and reasonable in rate like: 2DI - 6DI – 1DI – QM – MG – QCA – QBB – EVK – EVL – KD Series.
  • Our Thyristor Module, Diode – Diode Block, Thyristor – Diode Module are easily available like : TT – IRKT – SKKT – PBT – MTT – MCC – HTT – DD – IRKD – SKKD – PBD- MDD – TD – IRKH – SKKH – PBH – MCD – DCR – N – T – ST Series.
  • Also can ask for quotation of IC’s like: FZH – PC – AD – EXB – TLP – EPROMS –RAMS-LS-CD-IRF-Series and Plastic (Discrete) IGBT like IR – BUP – CT - 1MBH – GT Series.
  • Electrical items: Semi conductor fuse of all makes, relays, switch gears, cables, switch, instruments, Etc…
  • Our Components are specially used in inverter / AC drives / DC drives / Ups / CNC Machine / Control Panel / Welding Machine /Textile Mills / Paper Plant / Automobiles Plants / Government Sector / Railway / Automation / Cement & Tiles Factory / Chemical plant / printing and offset machine users / hotels / malls etc.
  • Our speciality is Ready stock, fast service, Reasonable rate, Customer Satisfaction and last our Profit. So please send your enquiry and valuable order, so we can serve you better and we can come closer and have fruitful relationship in future.
  • Also ask us for repairing of AC Drives (Inverters), and hard – to – find IGBT Modules, IPM Modules, Capsule Thyristor and Transistor Modules, requirements.